Grey's Interiors

tucked inside the North Yorkshire town of Richmond

Grey’s by name, greys by nature. Jane Webster loves any shade of grey. Consequently, it’s the dominant colour inside and out at her new interiors store in Richmond.

Grey's Interiors stock a wide range of elegant upholstery, lighting, flooring and accessories for the home. There’s a great range of fabric and wallpapers, from Colefax & Fowler, Jane Churchill, Larsen, Clarke and Clarke, Linwood, Romo and Voyage. Homeware accessories are by India Jane, Light & Living, Mindy Brown, Hill Interiors, Pettirossi and LSA glassware.

Greys dominate, but they are warm greys, interspersed with splashes of ochre, mustard, terracotta and turquoise on cushions and lamps. There are little pockets of glamour too, a hangover, says Jane, from her time living and working in Dubai.

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Cushions, Curtains & Blinds

There is no doubt that choosing the right combination of cushions, curtains and blinds can finish the look of any room, and lift it to the next level. By carefully balancing the right size, shape, pattern and fabric, it can transform the look and feel in an instant.



Paint is incredibly versatile medium and offers an unbeatable immediacy. With a few tricks of scale and the sorcery of colour, any room can be made to appear larger or smaller, wider or taller.



The versatility of wallpaper is one of it’s greatest benefits. From covering a whole room to creating a spectacular feature wall you can really use wallpaper as you want to, there are no set rules.